Eleven plus two / Twelve plus one / Helsinki Lambda Club【English】

Album Recommendation

I would like to introduce “Eleven plus two / Twelve plus one” released by Helsinki Lambda Club in 2020.

Helsinki Lambda Club

Helsinki Lambda Club is a three-piece rock band formed in 2013. The members are Kaoru Hashimoto (Vo, Gt), Kodai Inaba (Ba), and Taoki Kumagai (Gt).

The expression “music by music lovers, for everyone” fits well for me personally. At first glance, it sounds like simple and catchy indie rock, but its musicality is deep and diverse.

For example, this is the background music for the “NEW HEAVEN” tour held in 2022, and it is a playlist published by the artists on Spotify, which shows that the music is influenced by a wide variety of music, regardless of age or genre.

Eleven plus two / Twelve plus one

Eleven plus two / Twelve plus one” is an album released by Helsinki Lambda Club in 2020. It is their second full-length album. It contains the following 11 songs.

1.ミツビシ・マキアート (Mitsubishi Macchiato)


3.それってオーガズム? (Does that mean orgasm?)

4.Good News Is Bad News

5.パーフェクトムーン (Perfect Moon)

6.Shrimp Salad Sandwich

7.Mind The Gap

8.午時葵 (Cistus Albidus)


10. Sabai

11. 眠ったふりして (Pretend To Sleep)

12. Happy Blue Monday

13. you are my gravity

The album’s atmosphere changes slightly after the seventh track, the instrumental “Mind The Gap”.

The first half of the album gives the impression of “indie rock with a quirk“, starting with the Vampire Weekend-themed “Mitsubishi Macchiato,” followed by the rapid-fire “Debora,” and other songs that are based on pop-punk and indie rock, but are not simple and interesting to listen to.

In the latter half of the album, the band sometimes even jumps over the boundaries of indie rock and moves closer to various genres of music. The atmosphere of each song is quite different, but each song has a very high level of perfection, such as “IKEA” with its exotic mood and “Happy Blue Monday” which is closer to dance music such as dance punk and house music.

Another characteristic of Helsinki Lambda Club’s music in general is that it is extremely catchy. It is not difficult to make both quirky and catchy depending on the melody, but Helsinki Lambda Club’s songs have a very good sense of catchiness without being dull, by gently inserting good melodies from Japanese music into quirky songs. I think this is a very good album that will appeal to both people who listen to either only foreign music or only Japanese music.

Plus 1 Song

Helsinki Lambda Club – バケーションに沿って (ALONG VACATION)

Helsinki Lambda Club will release a new album “Welcome to Helsinki Lambda Club” on Thursday, August 10. Here is the preceding track. It is a good song that matches the recent US indie pop-like elegance and nostalgic texture. We have high expectations for the album!