Eitai Suru Kemuri / Ohzora Kimishima

Album Recommendation

This time I would like to introduce “Eitai Suru Kemuri” released in 2023 by Ohzora Kimishima.

Ohzora Kimishima

Ohzora Kimishima is a singer-songwriter/guitarist born in 1995.

He is an artist with a one-of-a-kind sound sensibility based on precise guitar playing influenced by free folk and free jazz, with elements of experimental and ambient music.

In addition to songs that are produced in a narrative or home-recorded style, there are also songs recorded in a band format called “Gassou Keitai (ensemble form)“, and the band members are very gorgeous.

The drummer, Shun Ishiwaka, is a jazz drummer leading the current Japanese music scene. The bass player, Kazuki Arai is a member of the jazz-rock band “King Gnu,” one of the leading representatives of contemporary Japanese rock music. The guitarist, Shuta Nishida supports many artists such as Kaho Nakamura.

Each of the songs in the “Gassou Keitai” is performed by band members with a jazz backbone, so you can feel the jazz-like passion in the rock band sound.

Eitai Suru Kemuri

Eitai Suru Kemuri” is the first album released by Ohzora Kimishima in January, 2023.

It contains the following 12 songs.

1.映帶する煙 (Eitai Suru Kemuri)

2.扉の夏 (Tobira no Natsu)

3.装置 (Souchi)

4.世界はここで回るよ (Sekai wa Koko de Mawaru yo)

5.19℃ (19℃)

6.都合 (Tsugou)

7.ぬい (Nui)

8.回転扉の内側は春? (Kaiten Tobira no Uchigawa wa Haru?)

9.エルド (Eldo)

10.光暈 (Halo)

11.遺構 (Ikou)

12.No heavenly

“19 ℃”, “Tsugou”, “Halo”, and “No heavenly” were recorded in band format. Except for “No heavenly,” the other three songs were recorded as one-shot recordings.

The album begins with the title track, “Eibetsu suru kumoke,” which was composed on cassette tape, followed by the serene folk song “Tobira no Natsu” . The album feels quiet and beautiful, but then develops into the elegant neo-soul-like “19°C” and the cathartic shoegaze-like “Tsugou,” and the songs are quite disparate in genre.

“Tsugou” in particular has a very nice organ sound that gives it the dignity of a “great Japanese rock song“.

However, the neutral voice and delicate guitar playing give the album an “aesthetic atmosphere” among the diverse sounds, and I personally like this album very much.

I feel that the jacket is very influential, but it is a piece I like to listen to on summer evenings and nights!

Plus 1 Song

Ohzora Kimishima – Enshi no Contralto

This is a movie of live performance at Fuji Rock in 2019. It is very good because it is a live performance in band format and you can feel the heat. The rain is also good, giving it a dramatic atmosphere.