Album Recommendation

I would like to introduce “Hohoemi” released by NIKO NIKO TAN TAN in 2020.


NIKO NIKO TAN TAN is a creative mixture unit formed in 2019. The members are OCHAN (Vo, Key, etc.) and Anabebe (Dr, Cho), plus Drug Store Cowboy as art director. Although it is the former two who actually appear in the music videos and live performances, NIKO NIKO TAN TAN’s music is completed when the music videos are created by Drug Store Cowboy, a member of the group.

Therefore, to our surprise, every song in NIKO NIKO TAN TAN has a music video. Moreover, since all the music videos are made by the same team, there is no deviation from one work to another, allowing the audience to enjoy a well-established view of the world. It can be said that their works are more than just music, but a comprehensive art form.

The music is a mixture of various genres such as rock and hip-hop, but it is also urban and cool.


“Hohoemi” is the first album released by NIKO NIKO TAN TAN in May 2020. The word “Hohoemi” stands for “NIKO NIKO”, which is also in the unit’s name.

It contains the following 10 songs.

1. 東京ミッドナイト feat. Botani (Tokyo Midnight)

2. パラサイト (Parasite)

3. 祭囃子鳴っているわ (Matsuri Bayashi Natteiruwa)

4. 恍惚と不安 feat. Botani (Kokotsu to Fuan)

5. Night Cruising 


7. ラビング (Loving)

8. 同級生 (Dokyusei)

9. 生まれゆく鮮明脳内 (Umareyuku Senmeinounai)

10. Silent Forest feat. Botani

“Tokyo Midnight,” “Kokotsu to Fuan,” and “Silent Forest” feature female vocalist Botani.

The world of the sound is very urban. The music also has a near-future science fiction element to it.

The synthesizer sound, which is the core of the sound, is a unique blend of modernity and 80s nostalgia, and it is in harmony with the worldview. The combination of live aggressive drums and synthesizers makes the music unique. In songs such as “Matsuri Bayashi Natteiruwa” and “LINDA LINDA,” you can strongly feel the groove of the drums.

Also, one of the main characteristics of NIKO NIKO TAN TAN’s music is the quality of its melodies. Each song is decorated with a unique view of the world, but the songs at the core are actually very beautiful. Depending on the arrangement, it could be enjoyed as an outstanding song. I personally like the sense of balance in which the audience can immerse themselves in the world of the sound and images without worry.

Plus 1 Song


I personally think this song is what would happen if NIKO NIKO TAN TAN TAN made an “outstanding song” in the style of NIKO NIKO TAN TAN. Although there are no impressive embellishments, it is good to feel the world view connected to the work in the live video as well.