INNOSENT 0 〜The night late show〜 / INNOSENT in FORMAL 【English】

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INNOSENT in FORMAL released “INNOSENT 0 〜The night late show” in 2018.


INNOSENT in FORMAL is a cartoon band that started its activities in 2017. The band is composed of the following members,  Paul Smith (Vo), CANDY MAN (Gt), Kuni the ripper (Ba), TOY BOY (Dr).

Unfortunately, the group broke up in April of this year (2023).

Musically, the band is a fusion of hip-hop and rock. Combined with the fact that they are a cartoon band, they are often described as “Japanese Gorillaz“. However, while Gorillaz and other bands that fuse hip-hop and rock often approach electronic, INNOSENT in FORMAL’s music gives the impression that they are pursuing a pure combination of guitar rock and rap.

So, personally, I feel it is something close to Incubus. I think they also have something classy in common, even with their heavy sound.

“INNOSENT 0 〜The night late show〜”

INNOSENT 0 〜The night late show〜” is the first album released by INNOSENT in FORMAL in 2018.

It contains the following 8 songs.

1. Introduction

2. Footloose

3. I wanna…

4. Night cruising

5. One for you

6. 日向が少ないこの街で (Hinata ga Sukunai Kono Machi de)

7. Sex, Drug & Rock’n’Roll

8. Slow dance

I think this album is a collection of songs that “scratch an itch“.

There are many artists who aim for “hip-hop” x “rock,” but many of them seem to approach chill or club music or even metal. In such a situation, this work is a simple, pure rap-rock album.

However, while the idea is simple, the variation of the songs is rather wide. In terms of rhythm, you can enjoy a wide range, from so-called hip-hop boombop to Japanese-style rock. The first chorus of “Night cruising“, for example, is a little surprising because it has a different atmosphere from the previous songs, but as the song unfolds, you are convinced that “I see” is what it is. It is a song that makes me fop.

Not only the rhythm section, but also the guitars, vocals, and flow are wonderfully expressive. “One for you” is a song with many elements that are difficult to understand for those who are not familiar with hip-hop, but it is very easy to listen to and can induce an emotional feeling as if it were a ballad. I personally think it is a great song that can be a catalyst for people to realize the goodness of hip-hop.

I hope they will continue their music in some form or another, because they are simple musicians, but they are artists who make good points that are hard to replace.

Plus 1 Song

No Gimmick Classics – TO3S remix feat.quon6

No Gimmick Classics, a hip-hop band features quon6, a rap group of which Paul Smith (Vo) is a member. The track is super cool, consisting almost exclusively of bass and drums. The raps are also very cool, with an emphasis on resonance.