Album Recommendation

This time I would like to introduce “ONE SHOT WONDER” released by KEYTALK in 2013.


KEYTALK is a four-piece rock band formed in 2007. The members are Tomomasa Teranaka (Vo,Gt), Takemasa Ono (Gt), Yoshikatsu Shuto (Vo,Ba), and Yuuki Yagi (Dr). The band has been commercially successful and is quite well known in Japan.

To be honest, I don’t think there are many music fans in Japan who listen to KEYTALK with enthusiasm. Some may have an image of KEYTALK as “a band for live kids” or “a band for dancing at festivals.

However, I feel that KEYTALK is a band that deserves more recognition. Especially in their indie-era songs, you can enjoy a unique atmosphere that is hard to find artists doing the same.


“ONE SHOT WONDER” is KEYTALK’s first full-length album released in 2013. It is the last work from the indies era.

Included in the album are the following 12 songs.


2. B型 (B Gata)

3. fiction escape

4. 祭りこぞう (Matsuri Kozou)

5. S.H.S.S.

6.ブザービーター (Buzzer Beater)

7. 茜色 (Akane Iro)

8. Spring Sparkle

9. フォーマルハウト (Fomalhaut)

10. happy end pop

11. summer tail

12. 見上げた空に (Miageta Sora Ni)

KEYTALK has several members who compose music. Many of the songs by Mr. Teranaka are simple songs, those by Mr. Ono are light and funky, and those by Mr. Shuto have a unique “KEYTALK verse”. The band also features twin vocalists, Mr. Teranaka with his lustrous voice and Mr. Shuto with his clear voice.

If both the composer and vocalist change, it would seem that the musicality of the music would be blurred. In fact, the songs have diverse atmospheres, but the unified atmosphere is what I like about this album.

If I had to use a word to describe this atmosphere, I would say it is “unrefined”. Despite the many joyful phrases, there is a sense of melancholy that can be felt throughout the album.

In addition, I think that Mr. Ono’s guitar phrases and Mr. Shuto’s sense of melody shine through in this album. These elements are still present even after the move to a major label, but the atmosphere has become much brighter, and the impression one gets from the album has changed dramatically. If you look at this album as an extension of the songs from the indies era, you will get a different impression of the current songs, so please give it a listen.

Plus 1 Song

Alaska Jam – FASHION

Alaska Jam is another band featuring Takemasa Ono, guitarist of KEYTALK. The band’s music is a little less J-pop and a little more hip-hop, and you can really feel the coolness of Ono’s guitar phrases.